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Suvie is the only kitchen appliance that automatically refrigerates and cooks proteins, vegetables, pastas, rices, and sauces all at the same time. With deep pans and big servings, you can save up to 6 hours per week cooking for the whole family.


Cook Your Own Food

Our team of chefs create new recipes every week to help you keep things fresh and healthy.

Cook with Smart Meals

When you sign up for Smart Meals, you will choose the meals you’d like to have delivered directly to your door each week.

Independent zones perfectly cook each ingredient

Sous vide, slow cook, and broil meat and seafood.

Easily choose between sous vide or slow cook modes using the appliance screen or mobile app. For broiling, remove the cooked protein from its packaging and place it back in the appliance. Read More

In approximately five minutes, the top broiler element will heat up to brown the outside of your protein without over-cooking the inside.

This is the only part of the cooking process that must be done when you are home, both for safety and so you can ensure the exact finish you want.

BroilingSalmon_Brussels 3
Steam and roast veggies

Steam and roast veggies.

Your vegetables are steamed perfectly, keeping their color bright and their texture crisp. Steam is much hotter than most sous vide temperatures, but our “water jackets” are able to control the temperature of the vegetables and the protein independently. Read More

Just like the protein, your steamed vegetables are kept warm until you are ready to roast them under the broiler. Cooking times are optimized so both your protein and your vegetable have the same broiling time. The result is roasted and delicious vegetables, timed perfectly for the rest of your meal.

Boil and drain starches.

While cooking pasta, rice, and other grains on the stovetop might only take 12-15 minutes, consider the time needed to heat the water and clean the pot. Read More

With Suvie, your starches are ready when you want them to be, and there’s minimal cleanup. The Suvie system’s patent-pending method fills the removable starch cooking pan with water, boils it, and then empties into a removable drain pan. The result is perfect al dente pasta, sticky rice, fluffy quinoa, brown rice, or other grain. It’s just like you’d prepare your starch on the stovetop, except you control it digitally.

Warm sauces

Warm delicious sauces.

The Suvie appliance has a special warming tray for your sauce, so it is ready at just the right temperature along with the rest of the meal. Read More

When it’s time to plate, simply remove the sauce and add to your meal as you like. With your own sauces, you can pour them directly into the same stainless steel warming pan. The sauce zone doesn’t get too hot so sauces are easy to handle when they come out, and they never “break.”

Sous Vide and Slow Cook Technology

French Master Chef method of heating

Suvie uses the sous vide heating method to prepare your meat, fish, or poultry at the right temperature.

Retain flavor, moisture, and tenderness

Sous vide cooks your food in a vacuum-sealed bag surrounded by water of a constant temperature.

Traditional slow cooking

With internal refrigeration, start slow cooking when you want it to, for savory braised, stews, and other deep rich flavors.

The countertop appliance of the future

By combining automatic refrigeration with multiple cooking modes, Suvie is the only countertop appliance you need in your kitchen.

Slow Cooker$100
Cooktop Stove$100
Convection Oven$400
Sous Vide Cooker$250
Compare with Suvie at $1199


Broil: 1200W, Electronics: 60W, Cooking: 560W, Cooling: 160W.



Capacitive touch with multi-touch support Resolution: 480x320.

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weight

Appliance: 20.5” W x 16.6” H x 15.4” D, 80lbs Protein Pan: 1.25L, Vegetable Pan: 1.25L, Starch Pan: 1.5L, Sauce Pan: 2L.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Works with iOS devices running version 10.0 and later, and Android devices running version 5.0 and later.



Product Safety Consulting Inc., UMass Department of Food Science, IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society, UL and ETL Certifications.

Mobile Scheduling & Control

Identify your meal

Identify your meal

When you load your meal items into the Suvie appliance, it automatically detects them. The Suvie mobile app is then updated with information about what food is in the appliance, so as soon as you designate your desired mealtime, the algorithm will take care of the rest.

Schedule dinner on your phone

Schedule dinner on your phone

If you’re coming home later than expected, you can always delay when the Suvie appliance starts cooking directly from the mobile app; if it’s already cooked, you can tell Suvie to keep your meal warm for you.

See Suvie’s status on-the-go

See Suvie’s status on-the-go

The mobile app also offers a convenient window into how your meal is performing so you can monitor it in real time. See when the food is cooking, how much time is left, and know exactly the moment it's ready.

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