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Suvie system

Suvie Kitchen Robot
Suvie 2.0 is your dual zone, cool-to-cook countertop appliance for proteins, vegetables, and some starches.
Suvie Starch Cooker
The optional smart rice and pasta prepares your grains to an ideal texture and works in sync with Suvie for a perfectly timed meal.
Optional Add-on

Suvie System

Save Time with Scheduled Cool-to-Cook, 25-Minute Rapid Cook, and the Suvie App.
Scheduled Cool-to-Cook
Just load your meal and tell Suvie when you want dinner ready, The reservoir automatically circulates water around your pans to refrigerate your meats and vegetables.
25 Minute Rapid Cook
When you load your frozen meal, Suvie will use heated water circulation to quickly thaw your ingredients for cooking.
Get More Control With The App
Reschedule dinner with the tap of your finger. You can monitor how Suvie is cooking from your phone and make adjustments accordingly.
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Suvie Kitchen Robot

Redesigned to be smaller, faster, and better. Now with roasting and baking.
The Suvie 2.0 kitchen robot has two independent cooking zones, and when paired with our starch cooker and sauce insert, Suvie intelligently cooks your full meal to perfection.
Everything ready at the same time.
Simply tell Suvie when you want dinner, and Suvie’s Intelligent Auto Cook Timing will make sure all the parts of your meal are ready at precisely the same time.
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  • Refrigerate to Cook
    Suvie is the only counter-top appliance that both refrigerates and automatically switches to cooking so you can schedule your meal when you want it. Using a mini-compressor and our patented water jacketed cooling, Suvie safely cools and holds your food.
No pre-heat needed.
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  • Bake
    Bake mode uses our exceptionally fast quartz elements to quickly heat the oven, meaning almost no time waiting to preheat. Our unique dual-heating elements produce delicate cakes, crunchy breads, and.
Precision Cooking. Water Powered.
Suvie's patented water jacket technology ensures perfectly refrigerated, thawed, and cooked food that isn't reliant on oils or other fats.
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  • Sous-Vide
    Circulate precision temperature-controlled water. Ensures perfectly cooked proteins without any risk of overcooking. Proteins are vacuum sealed and placed in a gentle water bath to lock in juices during cooking. Enjoy tender steaks, delicate salmon, and juicy chicken with this culinary technique.
And do more.
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  • Breakfast & Eggs
    With the optional silicone egg tray,make Sous Vide egg bites ready to eat for breakfast. Choose the fillings for your own sous vide egg bites with our egg pan accessory. This weighted, food-grade silicone pan can cook 4 sous vide egg bites with as many fillings as you can think of. From bacon and gruyere to spinach and feta the choice is yours. You can also use the egg pan to soft-boil, hard-boil, or poach eggs.

Suvie Starch Cooker

Cook pasta, rice, and more. Automated and hands free.
The Suvie Starch Cooker talks to your Suvie 2.0 and schedules your Pasta, Rice or Coffee to be ready at the same time as your meal so everything can be served at the same time.
Pasta Perfection
Want perfect al dente pasta with your meal? Using Suvie’s patent technology, the Starch Cooker will automatically pre-heat, fill, cook and drain your pasta to al dente perfection. If you’re scheduling a meal in advance the Starch Cooker keeps your pasta dry until it’s time to start cooking and automatically adds the correct amount of water to cook.
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  • Perfect Rice
    Want perfect rice with your dinner? Just pour white rice, brown rice, short or long grain into the included Rice Pot. No more pans of impossible to clean burnt on rice. Suvie Starch Cooker automatically adds water to your rice and gently cooks it to perfection. Whether you’re using brown, wild, jasmine, or sushi rice Suvie can cook them all. The Starch Cooker can coordinate with your Suvie 2.0 to make sure your rice is cooked right on time for your meal.

Technical Specs

The Suvie System takes up less space than typical microwave and most smart ovens.
Full Suvie System: 25” W x 19”D x 17”H
Suvie Kitchen Robot: 13” W x 19”D x 17”H
Suvie Starch Cooker: 11” W x 16.5”D x 16”H
Suvie Kitchen Robot: 55lbs
Suvie Starch Cooker: 25lbs
Suvie Kitchen Robot: 1400W (110V / 15A)
Suvie Starch Cooker: 1100W (110V / 15A)
FDA Approved Food Contact Materials
Quartz Heating Elements
Stainless Steel Pans
Premium Stainless Steel Housing
Suvie Oven Pans: 1.75L each
Starch Pot: 3L
Suvie Kitchen Robot: 3.5" Color LCD Screen, Resolution 480 x 320
Suvie Starch Cooker: 2.4” Color LCD Screen, Resolution 320 x 240
Mobile App
Works with iOS devices running version 10.0 and later, and Android devices running version 5.0 and later.
Product Safety Consulting Inc.

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  • Molly D.
    Garlic butter mahi-mahi with lemon, asparagus, and smashed purple sweet potatoes!
  • Words cannot express how Suvie has changed my daily routine. Even now when I'm home everyday, we still use our Suvie 2-3 times/wk
    Charlyne D.
  • James W.
    Cilantro lime steak from the Smart Meal box! An all time fav with tender beef, onion and peppers, and bomb seasoning!!
  • Life changing. Suvie has saved me countless hours and helped me eat healthier. So convenient to refrigerate and schedule meal finish times
    Greg G.
  • Xueer L.
    Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake from the Suvie cookbook! They disappeared so fast.
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