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Your 15-in-1 time-saving
cool-to-cook system.

Cook complete meals for you or the entire family. Suvie intelligently refrigerates and cooks your meal using multiple zones, giving you an easy hands-free cooking experience.
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Save up to 6 hours per week

Suvie features two revolutionary cooking modes that save you time whether you’re planning hours ahead or need dinner in 25 minutes.
Plan ahead

Scheduled Cool-to-Cook

Cool-to-cook technology keeps your meal safely refrigerated until it’s time to start cooking. Enter your mealtime whenever you’re ready, and Suvie does the rest.
Didn’t plan?

25 Minute Rapid Cook

With Suvie’s rapid cook mode, you can go from fully frozen ingredients to dinner on the table in as little as 25 minutes.

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Suvie Kitchen Robot

Suvie Kitchen RobotLess space than your microwave.


The only smart countertop appliance that automatically refrigerates then cooks your food.


Go from frozen to fully cooked in 25 minutes with fast cooking speeds and a radiating heat element.


Quickly defrost your food and seamlessly transition to cooking.


High temperature roasting is ideal for crispy vegetables and perfect chicken.


Upgraded broil function lets you add a gorgeous finish to your meal.


New cook mode allows you to bake up to 450F.

Sous vide

Water-based cooking for perfect proteins cooked at a low temp for a long duration of time.

Slow Cook

Low, slow, and hands-off cooking for delicious soups, stews, and short rib.


Gently cook fish, prepare vegetables without oil, or steam your favorite dumplings.


The pan heaters can be used to quickly reheat full meals in seconds.

Egg Cooker

With the optional egg tray, cook your most creative egg breakfast options.

Cook your own ingredients or our meals.

With Suvie, you can cook your own groceries or save even more time with our pre-packaged, scan-and-cook Smart Meals.
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Thai Coconut Chicken

with Sesame Snow Peas and Jasmine Rice

Shrimp and Pesto Penne

with Green Beans

Braised Beef Short Ribs

with Creamy Cheddar Polenta

Chicken Cacciatore

with Farfalle Pasta

Crispy Chicken Parmesan

with Pasta in Marinara Sauce & Green Beans
Smart meals

Suvie Smart Meals
save you more time

With flexible plans and delivered directly to your door, Smart Meals come in special packaging that eliminates prep and cleanup.
  • ✓ Optional Plans
  • ✓ Easy Cleanup
  • ✓ Scan-And-Cook Prep

Make it easier to live a healthier lifestyle

Suvie lets you cook more food at home by making it fast and easy to cook balanced meals with our ingredients or yours.

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Cleanup takes seconds

Because Suvie is a water-based cooking appliance, it cleans itself as it cooks. And all the Suvie Pans are dishwasher safe.
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Suvie makes it easy to schedule dinners for my entire family. This is amazing technology for the kitchen.

Michael M, Suvie Member

The Suvie is a total game-changer for my family’s cooking routine. When I finish my work day, dinner is already done. It’s so convenient!

Anne K, Suvie Member

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