Limited Time - Save Up to $801 in Discounts & Free Meals
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    Step 1
    Meals Delivered To Your Door

    Order your custom combination of meals from our planner, and we deliver to your door on a cadence that you choose.

    Certified balanced
    Step 2
    Prep & Scan

    Suvie Meals come in special packaging that tell your Suvie appliance exactly how to cool and cook each ingredient. All you have to do is scan.

    Prep & Scan
    Step 3
    Cook & Save Time

    Suvie features two revolutionary cooking modes that provide hands-free cooking whether you’re planning ahead or need dinner in 25 minutes.

    Cool to cook technologyPrep & Scan
    Step 4
    Finish & Enjoy

    Relax while your Suvie cooks for you. Then, when dinner is ready, you can finish everything off with a quick broil to crisp up your proteins and vegetables.

    Step 5
    Effortless Cleanup

    And all the Suvie Pans are dishwasher safe.

    Why Suvie?

    Suvie vs. Meal Kits
    Save up to 6 hours per week. Get more time for family.
    Meal Kit
    30 Min
    of prep with other meal kits
    3 min
    of prep with Suvie
    30 Min
    of cleanup with other meal kits
    2 min
    of cleanup with Suvie
    Suvie vs. Takeout
    Eat healthier. Spend less.
    1300 calories
    average calories per meal with takeout
    750 calories
    average calories per meal with Suvie
    $15 / person
    average cost per meal with takeout
    $10 / person
    average cost per meal with Suvie
    Suvie vs. Cooking
    Trade prep time for “me time.”
    45 min
    of prep by cooking the old fashioned way
    3 min
    of prep with Suvie
    45 min
    of cleanup by cooking the old fashioned way
    2 min
    of cleanup with Suvie

    Getting started with Suvie is Easy

    Pick a Suvie package

    Choose between 3 different options with various levels of accessories.

    Starting at $399
    Order Suvie Meals

    After ordering your kitchen robot you’ll receive an invite to our meal planner to order your first Suvie Meal box.

    Starting at $9.99 / serving
    Save Time With Suvie

    With your kitchen robot and meals, you’re ready to get cooking.

    Save up to 6 hours / week
    Meals for purchase may vary based on availability. Time savings are estimates and not a guarantee. Some images simulated or sped up and some servings suggested with finishing steps and consumer supplied additional ingredients. Meal coupon offers do not apply to the Suvie appliance. For all coupons unless otherwise specified only one coupon is valid per customer for one-time use only. Coupons are valid only during their coupon period. Sales tax, shipping & handling do not qualify for any coupons. Coupons are not redeemable for cash or gift cards. Coupons are not valid for prior purchases. Coupons may not be combined with any other coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions. Void if altered, copied, transferred, auctioned or sold. Offer valid on in-stock items only. No rain checks issued. Other restrictions may apply. *Advertised discounts are for full package purchases with included meal subscriptions - discounts can not be transferred to other packages or appliances. Features subject to change on final product. Patents Pending. Contact: Home Tech Innovation Inc. 1035 Cambridge St #11A Cambridge MA 02141 Copyright 2017 - 2023, Suvie.