The Magic of Suvie™

With the Suvie appliance, you’ll be eating wholesome, tastier food without losing hours preparing, cooking, and cleaning up.
Here's how it works.

Personal Chef.png

Your New Personal Chef

The Suvie appliance is a smart oven that uses water with four zones of temperature control to independently cook each protein, starch, vegetable, and sauce to perfection. Suvie™ also includes a broiler to give your proteins and vegetables a golden color and a wonderful roasted flavor.

Two Meals.png

Dinner Ready the Second You Get Home

Your Suvie appliance cooks your meal while you're at work so it's ready as soon as you come home; all you have to do is finish and plate it.

Four Meals.png

Dinner for One, Two, Three, or Four

Your Suvie appliance holds all of the components for a full meal to serve two, three or four adults, or two adults and three children.

Cook and Cool.png

Automatically Starts Cooking

Your Suvie appliance automatically switches from cooling to cooking based on when you schedule dinnertime so everything is ready at the same time.

No Mess.png

Little Mess to Clean

The Suvie appliance cooks with water and recyclable packaging so there is minimal cleanup after dinner.


Precision Cooking

As a smart oven, the Suvie appliance knows the precise cooking times of the Smart Meals you load into it, ensuring a perfectly cooked meal every time.

No Prep.png

No Cooking — Just Load Your Suvie Appliance

Load the ingredients into your Suvie appliance. Add water to the removable reservoir, schedule your time and temperature settings,  and the rest happens automatically.

WiFi Refrigerator & Cooker: Schedule Anytime, Anywhere

As soon as you load the Suvie appliance, it starts refrigerating your meal. It then connects to your WiFi and downloads cooking instructions. You can use your phone (or the dial on your appliance) to schedule mealtime.

Farm-Sourced, Chef-Prepared Premium Ingredients

For those who choose the utmost in convenience, Suvie Smart Meals are wholesome options designed to eliminate all prep work. Each Smart Meal component comes in special packaging already chopped, seasoned, and ready to slide right into your Suvie appliance. Our chef-designed meals and premium ingredients mean you’ll save time and still eat well.


4 Smart Zones Individually Cook Each Ingredient to Perfection

The Suvie appliance uses water to gently and precisely cook each item and a powerful broiler to give a golden finish and roast to your proteins and vegetables.


Sous Vide Meat, Fish, & Poultry with Broiler Finish

Water immersion digitally heats your proteins at the exact temperature for the perfect doneness without ever overcooking.


Steamed Vegetables with Roasted Finish

Fresh vegetables are steamed to lock in flavors and crispness, then broiled for a golden finish.


Boiled and Automatically Drained Starches

The Suvie appliance boils your pasta, rice, grains, and other starches, draining them when they are done cooking.


Warmed Chef-Designed Sauces

Suvie gently warms your sauces in its dedicated sauce pan so they are ready to complement your entire meal.