Frequently Asked Questions

+Do I need to buy Suvie meals or a subscription for Suvie to work?

No, you do not. Suvie Smart Meals are completely optional, you can cook your own food in Suvie.

+If I pre-order, when will I receive my appliance?

It depends on when you pre-order. Our first two batches of Suvie appliances are going to our Kickstarter backers. After we ship our Kickstarter orders, our website pre-orders will ship. The first batch if you pre-order now is estimated to ship in March 2019. That should be about 6 months earlier than it goes on sale through retail to the general public. As a pre-order customer, we will keep you well updated on our progress and on shipping.

+If I pre-order, when will my credit card be charged?

When you pre-order a Suvie kitchen robot, your credit card will not be charged until one month before we ship your appliance. You will receive an email alert several days before your credit card is charged so you’re aware of the coming transaction.

+What happens if I decide to cancel my pre-order?

If you decide to cancel your pre-order, simply sign in to your account and hit the “Cancel” button, then follow an easy set of instructions. We’ll be sad to see you cancel though, and, if you feel comfortable, we’d love to know why you’ve chosen to do so — we value your feedback.

+What kinds of updates will you be providing on the pre-orders?

We’ll be sending out email updates in the months leading up to delivery so you can stay in the loop on manufacturing, distribution, and shipping, as well as on any new developments we’ve got cooking.

+If I pre-order a Suvie appliance and decide later that I want to add a set of extra pans, will I be able to do that?

Absolutely. If you add on the extra trays while we’re still in pre-order, you will get the special discounted price of $125 with free shipping for pre-ordering a second set of pans. If you decide on the extra trays after Suvie goes on sale to the general public, they will be available at the full retail price.

+If I pre-order a Suvie kitchen robot, do I have to sign up for the Smart Meals as well or do I have time to decide if I want to add the meals later?

You can sign up for Suvie Smart Meals at any time — with your pre-order or after you’ve received your appliance. You can also continue to enjoy your Suvie with your own ingredients and meals. Having that flexibility is key to the Suvie experience.

+Why should I get Suvie?

Suvie is for everyone, and we believe it’s especially useful for working professionals and parents who don’t have the time or ability to prepare home-cooked meals.

Taking four essential components of a balanced meal – protein, vegetable, starch, and sauce – from refrigerated to cooking, the Suvie system makes fresh gourmet meals of your choice that are ready to eat when you get home or whenever you’re ready.

  • The Suvie system uses wholesome, clean ingredients (not frozen meals)
  • You don’t have to be home to start cooking, during cooking, or to schedule mealtime
  • You never have to estimate how long the entire meal or any one component needs to cook; Suvie takes care of those calculations
  • You have the option to choose four distinct components of a balanced meal.

+How many different meals can my Suvie make at a time?

Your Suvie appliance can make one complete meal with a protein, vegetable, starch, and sauce that will serve 2-4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children.

+How many portions can my Suvie make at a time?

Suvie can make 1, 2, 3, or 4 portions for each of the four food components (protein, vegetable, starch, and sauce). We find that the Suvie appliance can also make enough food for 2 adults and 3 children.

+Does Suvie need the internet to work?

An internet connection is required to remotely schedule your Suvie system via phone or tablet, but it does not need the internet to cool or cook your meal. The Suvie appliance stores recipes within its internal memory to make sure bad internet connections never interfere with your cooking, so don’t worry about being unable to cook your meal if your WiFi is down. Occasionally Suvie will need to connect to the internet to download new recipes and expiration data.

+I'm a details person! Please provide more info on manufacturing and technical specifications.

The peak power of the Suvie appliance is 1200W broil + 60 W electronics. Cooking power is 560 W; cooling power is 160W. The protein and vegetable pans each have volume is 1.25L, while the starch volume is 1.5L and the sauce volume is 2L. The user interface is a 480x320 color display with a rotary push button. We’ll have even more specifications to announce as we get closer to shipping.

The Suvie appliance is in the final stages of design for manufacturing and performance testing validation, and we will soon begin scaling our production. Our Chinese team is working with our manufacturing partners, who are experts in small kitchen appliances.

Our contract manufacturing partners all have decades of experience manufacturing high quality countertop appliances for the world's largest and most famous home appliance brands. We're leveraging their engineering and manufacturing knowledge to create a product that's innovative, reliable, and easy to manufacture.

+How big is Suvie / what are the dimensions?

The Suvie appliance is 20.5 inches wide x 16.6 inches high x 15.4 inches deep. It is designed to fit under a standard height kitchen cabinet.

+Will Suvie fit under my kitchen cabinets on my counter?

Most likely, yes. In the U.S. the “standard” distance between a kitchen countertop and the bottom of kitchen cabinets is 18 inches. We designed the Suvie appliance specifically to fit under your countertop with enough clearance to get the water reservoir in and out easily.

+Can I make trays specific to my needs? For example, can I have two trays for protein and one for my vegetables, skipping the starch?

Currently the trays may only be used for the specified meal component.

+How fast does Suvie cool?

With normal operating conditions, food loaded into your Suvie should reach a temperature under 41F in less than two hours. Suvie will then keep your protein and vegetables cold until it’s time to cook.

+How does Suvie cool?

The Suvie appliance uses a mini compressor that is similar to what your household refrigerator uses to cool. Suvie circulates water around “water jackets” that surround your food, transfering the cold energy from its cooling water to your vegetables and protein.

+Is Suvie safe?

Safety is our number one priority. From day one, we have worked with the UL experts at Product Safety Consulting as well as scientists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Food Science program to design safety into every part of the Suvie system and Suvie Smart Meals.

+What happens if my Suvie malfunctions?

Suvie offers a 90-day parts warranty and 12-month labor warranty on Suvie appliance purchases.

+Is there a rental or installment plan option?

Currently there is no rental or installment plan option available.

+Does Suvie require a special plumbing hook-up?

Suvie does not require a special plumbing hook up. Water is supplied to the appliance through the removable water reservoir that you fill before use. Then, after each meal, you empty the drain tray that is on the front of the Suvie appliance below the main door. The only hook up needed is a standard electrical outlet.

+Can you put this unit in a cut out spot in your cabinets, like you can do with some microwaves?

Because you need to access both the front and the right side of the Suvie appliance (for the water reservoir), it’s not currently possible to have it sit within a cut out cabinet space. Suvie was designed, however, to sit comfortably between a standard countertop and a cabinet above.

+Are the Suvie cooking pans dishwasher safe?

Yes, they are made out of stainless steel and are designed to be cleaned in your dishwasher.

+How do I clean Suvie?

Suvie can be wiped down with soapy water. Your removable stainless steel protein, vegetable, sauce, and starch pans can be cleaned in your dishwasher.

+How do you know it works? What kind of testing have you done?

In 2017, we did extensive beta testing of both the Suvie appliance and Suvie Smart Meals in the Boston area. We have built dozens of prototypes in our 2+ years of R&D work. The results were fantastic, and all of the feedback we received has been incorporated into the model going into production as well as into the meals / recipes that will be part of our launch.

+Are there more colors of Suvie available?

Not at this time.

+Is a subscription required for Suvie Smart Meals?

With Suvie Smart Meals, no subscription or commitment is required. You can order as many or as few Suvie meals as you like; you can also quit or pause at any time.

+Do I have to buy Suvie Smart Meals?

You do not have to buy Suvie Smart Meals to use the Suvie appliance. We specifically designed Suvie to have the flexibility for you to use your own ingredients and meal components.

+How do I order Suvie Smart Meals?

You can customize and order Suvie Smart Meals through the Suvie website. After choosing your meals, they will be shipped to you in refrigerated packaging to keep them cool and fresh throughout transit. As soon as you receive your Suvie Smart Meals, you should place them in your refrigerator or your Suvie until your ready to use them.

+When does Suvie need WiFi access and how will cloud security be ensured?

We have designed Suvie to be functional without access to the internet. However, if you would like to update the recipes on Suvie, use Suvie’s mobile app to monitor / initiate cooks, or check for firmware updates, you will need to enable WiFi access on the appliance. Every Suvie uses RSA public/private keys that are set in the factory to ensure that all communications with our cloud servers are encrypted and secure.

+What is the fridge life for meals after they arrive?

It depends on the meal component, but in general once Suvie Smart Meals arrive, they have a refrigerator life of 3-5 days before they should be cooked. We always recommend you cook your seafood meals first, as they have a shorter shelf life than meat and poultry.

+How long can food stay cool in my Suvie appliance before it has to start cooking?

We generally suggest you load your Suvie appliance the night before or the morning of the day you are going to cook your meal.

+Responsible sourcing is important to me. Tell me more about where you get the ingredients for Suvie Smart Meals.

The ingredients for Suvie Smart Meals come from commercial food packers who supply some of the top grocery stores in the Northeast. Our chefs are always on the lookout for great farmers and producers to get fresh and flavorful ingredients to our consumers. We will have blog articles that feature some of our producers and farmers when we launch the Suvie meal ordering platform.

+How much packaging is involved in each Suvie Smart Meals shipment?

Each Suvie meal component is packed in individualized small packaging designed to take up as little space as possible. Because the Suvie meal items come pre-cut and ready to cook, we believe our food actually takes up less space than a typical meal kit where the food items arrive unprepared. We’ve used this advantage to optimize all our packaging into the smallest shipping boxes possible. We are constantly committed to always reducing the amount of packaging we use with the Suvie system.

Whenever we are shipping meals to you in refrigerated packaging, the reusable ice packs and insulation need space to deliver your meals safely. Even though our outer packaging is all recyclable, the best way for us to cut down on it is to be able to ship items to your local grocery store. That’s our long term goal, but it will take a few years for Suvie to gain enough market traction to make it a reality.

+Where are Suvie Smart Meals available?

Suvie Smart Meals will be available for home delivery throughout the contiguous United States.

+Where can I check out menus available from Suvie Smart Meals?

All of our menus will be available at when we launch the Suvie Smart Meal ordering website.

+Where can I find more information on nutritional content of Suvie Smart Meals?

When we are ready to launch the meal ordering application more information about nutritional content of Suvie Smart Meals will be made available.

+One of my family members has allergies. Where can I learn more about the ingredients in each Suvie Smart Meals?

Details about all ingredients included in our Suvie Smart Meals will be available at

+I'm a vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/ovo-lacto/carnivore. Do Suvie Smart Meals include meals for me?

Initially all of our meals include a seafood, meat, or poultry item. We are working on vegetarian and vegan options, but we are not guaranteeing they will be available at launch. However, we are planning on surveying our backers for the launch meals, and if there is enough demand for vegetarian meals we will try to get them out as a part of our launch plan. Over time, we hope to have specialty diet meals available for a variety of preferences and needs.

+Can you freeze the pre-packaged meals?

While it is possible to freeze the pre-packaged meals, we recommend cooking them within the allotted time after they arrive at your home and while they’re still fresh.

+Where can I find resources on how to make my own Suvie meals?

On you will find information and further detail about using your own food with the Suvie appliance. In short, it couldn’t be easier. Simply season your protein as you like, put it in a sous-vide compatible bag, and then place the filled bag in the designated protein tray. Your vegetables, starches, and sauces can all be placed directly in their designated trays as well. We recommend not cooking proteins and vegetables in a sauce, but applying the sauce after the cooking process is complete.

+What types of my own food can I cook in Suvie?

You can cook any protein that you would normally use with the sous vide style of cooking. For vegetables we suggest those that do well steamed for typically no longer than 20 minutes. For starches: rice, whole grains, and quinoa do very well. For pastas, we recommend using extruded shape noodles (such as macaroni or farfalle bow ties). Because Suvie does not have a stirring element, longer pastas such as spaghetti can "clump."

+What about cooking times for my own ingredients? Does Suvie suggest those as well?

We will publish articles with our suggested cooking times and temperatures from our master chefs when we ship the Suvie appliances.