About Us

Suvie™ was founded in 2015 by Robin Liss and Kevin Incorvia. With headquarters in Cambridge, MA, the Suvie team includes experts in gourmet cooking, kitchen appliances, product design, safety and engineering — all on leading edge of innovation and all committed to building the robot kitchen appliance of the future.


Robin Liss
Co-Founder & CEO
As Co-Founder and CEO of Suvie, Robin brings her deep experience from covering the appliance industry, reviewing appliances, and analyzing smart home products. Robin is the founder and former CEO of Reviewed.com, a leading consumer technology and home appliance review publication. She led Reviewed.com as a startup and sold it to USA TODAY in 2011 where she expanded Reviewed.com to the largest home appliance review site on the web.


Kevin Incorvia
Co-Founder & CTO
As Co-Founder and CTO, Kevin is responsible for ensuring that the hardware and software behind Suvie is technologically sound, reliable, and consistently performing its best. A former engineer at both Apple and Reviewed.com, Kevin brings extensive experience creating solutions to solve consumer challenges.


Michael Ruhlman
Culinary Advisor and Recipe Development
Working with Suvie since the early stages, Michael brings deep culinary experience to bear, collaborating on our recipes to help develop and deliver outstanding gourmet flavors and options. Michael is the author of more than twenty books including The French Laundry Cookbook and Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide with Thomas Keller. He’s been a judge on The Next Iron Chef and a featured guest on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.


Fernando Nunez
Lead Appliance Engineer
Fernando earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Product Development from MIT. Prior to Suvie, he was manufacturing lead at Voxel8.


Andrew Boggeri
Operations & Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Andrew brings to Suvie his deep experience in product development and supply chain management for consumer electronics and robotics in Shenzhen, China.


Will Lee
Supply Chain Management
Originally from China and based in Shenzhen, the electronics manufacturing capital of the world, Will has an extensive background working with factories to bring major projects to consumers.


Our Design Philosophy

For over two years, the team has been building, testing, designing, and iterating on the Suvie appliance and meal solutions out of our facilities in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We’ve always had five basic goals in mind, and getting all five right has required an extraordinary amount of time and hard work.

Convenient, high-quality meals cooked from fresh, raw ingredients > We wanted to make sure our appliance could do the cooking without you there, so not having moving arms and stirrers has been part of the challenge. Ultimately we found the solution by combining features.

Ensure a completely safe product > We’ve worked closely with safety consultants with decades of experience designing and testing appliances to make sure the Suvie appliance is the safest possible product. 

Design a beautiful appliance > We believe that kitchen appliances should be beautiful and blend seamlessly into any home kitchen, so we designed the Suvie appliance with that in mind.

Offer a world of food possibilities > Central to the Suvie system is providing a wide array of food options — everything from self-cook to any food provider being able to make meals for the appliance. Such flexibility delivers the greatest benefit for users. 

Make it effortless to use > Iterating on the product design, we had to make sure that it was easy. We ultimately decided on a traditional oven-like experience and incorporated the feedback from our beta testers to do that.

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Our Food

At Suvie, we understand that what you eat and what you feed your family is one of the most important health decisions you make. As a result, we’re committed to using “clean” ingredients that are simple and do not contain elements that are ever difficult to understand. For example, our proteins are seasoned only with salt, pepper, and oil to aid in cooking. We don’t add anything to our vegetables, and most of our starches are just the simple grain.

We will always be committed to full transparency about where we source our ingredients and what’s inside every delivery you get.


Our Culinary Partners

Suvie™ has been working with CommonWealth Kitchen (CWK) from the very beginning, and we have been operating our food order fulfillment with them since the launch of our beta this past summer.

CWK is a Boston-based non-profit that provides shared commercial kitchen facilities plus integrated business and technical support to help entrepreneurs build great food companies and create jobs. CWK is also working to improve healthy food access and strengthen the infrastructure needed for a resilient regional food economy by connecting fast growing startups with local farmers and producers.

Suvie™ has worked with multiple providers of meat, poultry, seafood, sauces, fresh vegetables and starches during our beta test. Our providers supply many of New England's leading grocery chains on a daily basis and are excited to grow alongside Suvie.