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Your Family's Robot Chef

Suvie is the first automated, multi-zone refrigerator and cooker
that makes wholesome meals on your schedule.

Just decide when you want to eat


1 Schedule

Load your Suvie and schedule your dinner. Use your own groceries or our Smart Meals.


2 Refrigerate

Suvie is the only smart kitchen appliance that automatically refrigerates food.

Cook to perfection

3 Cook to perfection

Suvie switches from cooling to cooking and independently cooks each ingredient to your ideal temperature and doneness.

Prep healthy meals for the whole family

Save More Time

Suvie saves the average family 6 hours per week.

Eat Better

By cooking dinner while you’re getting other things done, Suvie makes it easy to ditch takeout and delivery for healthy meals.

Easy Cleanup

Suvie’s food is cooked in recyclable packaging, while the pans go directly in the dishwasher.

Suvie Kitchen Robot with tableware Suvie Kitchen Robot with dimensions Suvie Kitchen Robot with dimensions
Narrower than most microwaves
Fits under any standard cabinet
Less space than a typical cutting board

Cook your own ingredients or our
ready-to-cook Smart Meals

748 reviews

The full Suvie system

Just scan your meal. The Suvie kitchen robot refrigerates, then cooks your ingredients so everything is ready at the same time.

Suvie Kitchen Robot

$99/month* | $1199

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Suvie Smart Meals

Starting at $5.31/serving*

Choose between optional plans designed for 1-6 people

Keep dinner fresh with hundreds of meals

Hundreds of meals

Suvie Smart Meal

All Beef Meatballs

With a bright marinara sauce, farfalle pasta, and crisp green beans.

Your own ingredients

Seared Halibut

With a rich compound butter packed with cilantro, lime zest, serrano chile, and ground coriander.

Suvie Smart Meal

Teriyaki Steak

Seared steak over jasmine rice and steamed broccoli. Sprinkled with crispy onions.

Suvie Smart Meal

Chili Verde Chicken

Served over brown rice and roasted broccoli.

Your Own Ingredients

Mediterranean Shrimp

With a sauce of tomatoes, onions, and ed bell pepper

Your Own Ingredients

Chimichurri Steak

Mouth-watering seared steak drizzled with chimichurri, crispy potatoes, and charred veggies.

A day in the life with Suvie

Suvie saves you time by handling the cooking for you while
you go about your day.

Get dinner going in the morning

Load your vacuum-sealed protein, vegetables, starches, and sauce into the corresponding zones of your Suvie. Fill the removable reservoir with water. Schedule your cook to finish at the time that you want to eat dinner.


Your meal stays refrigerated

The Suvie patent-pending water cooling system circulates cold water around your protein and vegetables (without ever making direct contact with them), keeping them fresh and safe in a cold “water jacket” until they’re ready to cook.

Enjoy your perfectly-cooked meal

Suvie uses water with four zones of temperature control to independently cook each protein, starch, vegetable, and sauce to perfection. Use Suvie’s optional broiler to give your proteins and vegetables a golden color and a wonderful roasted flavor.


Four zones so everything is done at the same time

Suvie calculates the precise time to begin cooking across four different zones - sous vide for protein, steaming for vegetables, boiling for starches, warming for sauces so that everything is ready at the same time.


Suvie promotes a healthier diet

Suvie makes it easier to eat a balanced diet with confidence

Suvie makes it easier to eat a balanced diet with confidence

Our receipes and Smart Meals list all of the nutrition facts, including calories. Plus, many of our Smart Meals are under 700 calories.

Plans meals easier

Plans meals easier

Eat less takeout and unhealthy snacks by planning ahead. Eat more balanced meals with Suvie.

Water-based cooking is healthier for you

Water-based cooking is healthier for you

Water-based cooking methods cut down on high calorie oils used in pan searing or frying.

Join thousands of members cooking better with Suvie

Valerie C.

Valerie C.
United States

We eat out maybe twice a month instead of 3-4 times a week. This Suvie really is life changing.

Stephen H.

Stephen H.
Auburn, AL

You built a world class machine and meal plan service. I am telling everyone I know that the future is here!

Andrew I.

Andrew L.
Milwaukee, WI

I’ve really come to appreciate all of the convenience and flexibility that it offers.

Sue S.

Sue S.
Dover, OH

We made the Beef Meatballs with Pesto Couscous and Brussels Sprouts smart meal tonight!

Ashra M.

Ashra M.
Houston, TX

Loving our Suvie!!! So far we have not had a bad meal!

Michael S.

Michael S.
Milwaukee, WI

Love my Suvie so much.

Ruth F.

Ruth F.
United States

I’m now eating well balanced meals and started losing some of the weight I had put on. This is an awesome machine.

Jay K.

Jay K.
Chicago, IL

With two working parents and crazy schedules for the kids, allows us to have home cooked meals warm and ready when we get home.

Bonnie A.

Bonnie A.
United States

New to Suvie. Looking forward to fun meal preparation and more importantly, healthy-tasty meals 😋

Mary B.

Mary B.
Grayslake, IL

My husband and I are awaiting the arrival of our new Suvie!! YAY!!

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