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The Chef’s Package


Includes: Suvie Kitchen Robot, Suvie Starch Cooker & Suvie Accessory Kit

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Prepare complete meals with zero effort. Simply load your ingredients, scan the meal cards, and let Suvie handle the rest. Starch Cooker provides additional cooking methods for pasta, rice, healthy grains, and more. The added Accessory Kit helps you save more time and enhance your cooking experience.

18 Free Meals

12 FREE MEALS for your first meal box
3 FREE MEALS for your 2nd meal box
3 FREE MEALS for your 3rd meal box

What’s Inside

Suvie Kitchen Robot 3.03.0

$699 Value

Save time and eat well with the smartest countertop cooking appliance.

Suvie Starch Cooker3.0

$500 Value

Add 5 additional cooking methods: pasta, rice, grains, oatmeal, and steaming

Suvie Accessories Bundle3.0

$260 Value

What’s included

Vegetable Pans


2 pans included

Protein Pans


2 pans included

Roasting Racks


2 racks included

Starch Pots


2 pots included

Rice Pot


2 pots included



2 strainners included

Egg Tray


1 tray included

Pan Grabber


1 grabber included

Oven Mitt


1 mitt included

18 Free Meals

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Frequently asked questions


The latest and greatest
time-saving kitchen robot.

Scheduled Cool-to-Cook

Just load your meal and tell Suvie when you want dinner ready. Suvie automatically refrigerates your food and starts cooking when you tell it. Schedule ahead cool-to-cook works with all cook modes.

25 Minute Rapid Cook ®

When you load your frozen meal, Suvie will use heated water circulation to quickly thaw your ingredients for cooking.

Suvie Mobile App

Get More Control With The App

Manage your Suvie Kitchen Robot by scheduling and monitoring cooks anywhere you go and order chef-designed Suvie Meals right to your door. Plus, get access to hundreds of delicious Suvie recipes from the Recette Blog.
Suvie Starch Cooker

Unlock the full power
of the Suvie System

Cook pasta, rice, and more

Just load your ingredients and schedule your pasta, rice, quinoa, or oatmeal to finish cooking in unison with your Suvie.

Hands-free cooking

Using Suvie’s patent technology, the Starch Cooker will automatically pre-heat, fill, cook and drain your pasta to al dente perfection. Scheduling a meal in advance? It keeps your pasta dry until it’s time to start cooking and automatically adds the correct amount of water.