How to Cook Starches

Starch Cooking Instructions

Starches are boiled in the bottom-right cooking zone, and they are automatically filled with boiling water, then drained.

This zone is NOT actively refrigerated.

Be aware that as there is no stirring mechanism, long noodles and pastas may clump.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1:  Place strainer into the starch pan

Step 2: Pour starch into the strainer

Important: Do not fill past the fill line indicated on the inside of the strainer.

Step 3: Add salt. For reference, the starch pan is 1.5 L, so we recommend 2 Tbsp to salt the water.

Step 4: Insert the starch pan in the lower-right cooking zone with the label FRONT facing outward.

Cooking Time Recommendations

We recommend adding salt to the starch pan before cooking for best results. For reference, the starch pan is 1.5 L and we recommend adding 1 Tbsp of salt.

For more information on cooking starches with Suvie, visit our Starch Cooking Guide.

Rice Noodles10 mins
Ramen Noodles5 mins
Medium Pasta Shells10 mins
Farfalle/Rigatoni11 mins
Spaghetti13 mins
Israeli Couscous9 mins
Brown Rice50 mins
Short Grain White Rice22 mins
Pearled Farro35 mins
Quinoa15 mins
Pearled Barley55 mins