How to Clean Suvie

Cleaning Your Suvie Appliance

Wait until your appliance is cool before cleaning.

After every cook, simply wipe the interior of the cooking zones, and exterior of the appliance with a damp, soapy cloth. Be sure to dry thoroughly to ensure no soap residue is left inside the appliance. Every time you use your Suvie, the broiler lines are automatically steamed inside to clean.

Warning: Do not use any alkaline-based cleaning products like bleach.

Warning: Never spray cleaner directly on the Suvie Appliance – Always spray into a cloth only

Cleaning Suvie Broiler

The broiler element is located near the top of the Suvie, above the two top cooking zones.

Important: Keep the broiler element clean and wipe off any food that may have been stuck on during use.

Emptying the Drain Tray

The drain tray sits in the lower front of the appliance and is dishwasher safe.

After each cook: Pull out the drain tray and discard its contents into the nearest sink; then replace the drain tray completely into the appliance. For convenience, handles are located on either side of the drain tray.

NOTICE: The drain tray must be present to cook a meal. Never remove the drain tray while cooking. Suvie will detect if it has been removed and will automatically pause its current cooking state.

CAUTION: The drain tray will be hot after each cook. Please allow time for it to cool before handling.

Cleaning Suvie Pans

All Suvie Pans—including the Starch Pan—are dishwasher safe

We recommend cleaning your Suvie pans either in your dishwasher, or in your sink with soapy water after each use.