Guide to Slow Cooking

When Should I Use the Slow Cook Function?

In addition to the sous vide & multi-zone function, the Suvie appliance also has a slow cook function. When using Slow Cook, Suvie can refrigerate your food and automatically start the slow cook when scheduled. Use this setting when you want to cook foods at a higher temperature for a longer period of time. Set the temperature (Low or High) and the time. The top two zones will heat, so don’t feel restricted to just one pan. You can make a large batch of chili, stew, or pot roast, divide between two pans, and cook them both in the top zones of your Suvie. If you want to cook a starch in the starch zone you can do that too, all you need to do is set the time (as a reminder, even if you choose not to cook starches during the Slow Cook you will still need a starch pan in your Suvie).

NOTE: When using the slow cook function, do not place food in vacuum-sealed bags. Instead, place your foods directly into the Suvie pans. Generally it is a good idea to add a liquid to help with the heat transfer from Suvie to your food. The liquid also aids in breaking down the collagen in proteins and keeping them from drying out.

Which Zones Can Slow Cook?

The top two zones of the Suvie slow cook at the same temperature. In this Slow Cook mode, you can select either High (205º F) or Low (180º F) temperatures to slow cook your food. These settings are designed to be similar to the temperatures you would see in a traditional slow cooker.

Slow Cook Instructions

Your Suvie can also be used to cook your favorite slow cook meals, such as soups, brisket, or chili. 

To learn more about slow cooking with Suvie, read our Slow Cook Guide.

  1. Before each cook, fill the reservoir with water until the water level sensor is 1/4 inch from the top of the reservoir.

    QUICK TIP: The reservoir can be removed for filling in your sink. If removed, be sure to firmly replace it within the appliance so the proper connection is made; then cover the reservoir with its lid.
  2. Insert the empty drain tray into the lower-front of the appliance
  3. Place your food that will be slow-cooked into the protein pan, vegetable pan, or both

     Since both the vegetable zone and protein zone heat to the same temperature during slow cook mode, you can slow cook two different meals in the separate pans at the same time.DO NOT place food into a vacuum-sealed bag or cover with water while using Slow Cook mode.
  4. If desired, load starch or sauce into Suvie
  5. Select the Slow Cook option from the settings menu
    • Select either Low or High temperature to cook to desired doneness
    • Enter Cooking Time
    • Select either: Cook NowRefrigerate, or Schedule to begin
  6. Once cooking has completed, you can broil your food to enhance its flavor and appearance — see steps below:
    • Select the Broil option from the menu and adjust broil time as desired
    • Once the cook has completed, select Done from the menu to end the cook.
  7. Enjoy your perfectly cooked meal made by Suvie.