Guide to Multi-Zone Cooking

When Should I Use This Mode?

Suvie was designed for convenience, and its primary cooking mode is the Sous Vide & Multi-Zone function. Use this setting when you want to cook a complete 4-part meal consisting of your favorite protein, vegetable, starch, and sauce. Set the preferred cooking temperatures and times for your ingredients, and Suvie will cook them together to perfection.

NOTE: When using the Sous Vide & Multi-Zone Cooking mode, proteins must be placed in a vacuum sealed bag and covered with water.

Learn more about vacuum sealing your proteins

Suvie Cooking Zones

When using the Sous Vide & Multi-Zone Cooking mode, it’s important to place your ingredients in the correct cooking zones:

  • The top-right zone is used to sous vide your proteins and broil them at the end for an ideal finish. It is refrigerated when scheduled. Proteins should be cooked in this zone.
  • The top-left zone can be used to steam your vegetables and broil them to finish. It is refrigerated when scheduled. Raw vegetables or food being slow cooked should go in this zone.
  • The bottom-right zone is used for boiling your starches.
  • The bottom-left zone is used for warming, which is perfect for sauces.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Before each cook, fill the reservoir with water until the water level sensor is 1/4 inch from the top of the reservoir
  2. Insert the empty drain tray into the lower-front of the appliance
  3. Place seasoned protein into a vacuum-sealed bag, then place in the protein pan
    • Fill protein pan with water until the protein is completely covered
    • Insert protein pan into the top-right protein zone
  4. Load remaining food components into Suvie (vegetables, starch, and sauce)
  5. Select the My Cook option from the settings menu
    • Enter the appropriate cooking temperature and time for desired doneness
    • Enter the appropriate cooking times for your vegetables and starch
    • Select either: Cook NowRefrigerate, or Schedule to begin
  6. Once cooking has completed, you can broil the vegetables and proteins to enhance their flavor and appearance — see steps below:
    • Carefully remove protein from the bag and pat it dry with a paper towel
    • Wipe the pan dry with a paper towel
    • Place your protein back into the pan and insert the pan back into the Suvie appliance
    • Season vegetables with salt and pepper to taste, and if desired, drizzle with olive oil
    • Insert the vegetable pan back into Suvie appliance; close door
    • Select the Broil option from the menu and adjust the broil time as desired
  7. Once the cook has completed, select Done from the menu to end the cook
  8. Enjoy your perfectly cooked meal made by Suvie.