Five-star meals with zero effort

Customize Gourmet Meals Online

Find your favorite meals that serve 2 to 4 people from over 10,000 custom combinations made up of Raw Proteins, Fresh Vegetables, Dry Starches and Chef Designed Gourmet Sauces.

Receive Ready to Cook Ingredients

We ship your meals in Suvie Smart Packaging to your doorstep weekly. You load your meals into your Suvie which automatically detects your food and refrigerates it until it's time to start cooking.

Your Suvie Appliance Does the Rest

Based on when you schedule it, Suvie switches from cooling to cooking using 8 independent cooking zones to cook your protein, starch and vegetables independently and perfectly how you like them.

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The future of cooking is here

Have dinner waiting for you when you walk in the door. Suvie cooks your meals to perfection- on time, everytime.

An Automatic counter-top refrigerator and water oven

The Suvie home appliance keeps food cold until it's time to start cooking, so dinner is ready when you schedule it.

Wi-Fi and smartphone controlled

Schedule your Suvie Meals when you want them using Wi-Fi and your smartphone.

8 Independent Cooking and Cooling Zones

Suvie independently cooks each meal component using water immersion cooking, steaming and other gourmet cooking methods to lock in flavors.

Wholesome, gourmet meals for you and your loved ones.

Raw Fish, Meat and Poultry

Each meal comes with a protein for two that's cooked in your Suvie to the perfect temperature

Raw Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are steamed locking in flavors and crispness.

Dry Pastas, Grains and Starches

Pastas, Grains and Starches come with the exact amount of salt needed, then boiled and drained in Suvie.

Chef Designed Gourmet Sauces

Finishing your meal is a Suvie Chef Designed Gourmet sauce brining extra flavor to each meal.

Choose from over 10,000 custom meal options

Customize your meals to get your perfect dish or choose from our chef recommend combinations.

Customize every meal exactly to your liking with simple ingredients and gourmet flavors

You can order chef recommended combinations or design your own combination of Suvie meal items. Since Suvie can cook two different meals at once, everyone in the family can have a meal designed for what they like.

Raw Protein

Fresh Vegetables

Dry Starch

Chef Prepared Sauce